We are a design and build studio designing bike-towed trailers and cargo bikes which expand the use cases for bicycle, helping reduce driven trips.

We bring together a phenomenally deep understanding of the fast developing world of cycle logistics with an understanding of modern materials, smart design and super-fast lean product development – but we also understand the day-to-day demands on cargo bikes and trailers and know how to build vehicles that will stand the test of time.

We use the most appropriate material for each case – if lightweight steel is the most appropriate, to keep cost down and reliability at maximum for early prototypes, we use that. If high-tech composites are best – we use them.

We can typically build prototypes bespoke to your needs cheaper than off-the-shelf products – and our off-the-shelf products are incredible value for money.


We make vehicles ready for a cleaner, greener, low-motor future where the most sensible vehicle gets used for the job – rather than defaulting to van or care use.


We sell products we’ve already developed for a variety of use cases, or design specifically for your use case. Contact us if you have an enquiry!